Export Format

The configuration for a set of targets can be exported out of pants into JSON format using the pants export goal. This could useful for integrating Pants with another build tool. The Pants Support IntelliJ plugin uses the export goal to get information out of Pants to configure IntelliJ.

This page captures the specification of the data provided by the export goal. See the Changelog section below for differences between versions of the export format.

Top Level fields

  • "version" : A string representing the version number of the export format.
  • "libraries" : Dictionary of paths to .jar files resolved by pants required to compile the project.
  • "targets" : Dictionary of targets defined in BUILD files.
  • "distributions" : Information about JVM distributions.
  • "jvm_platforms" : Information about JVM platforms(language level and additional arguments).
  • "python_setup" : Information about Python setup(interpreters and chroots for them).


Version number for identifying the export file format output. This version number will change when there is a change to the output format. The version number specification is as follows:


  • <major_version> : Increment this field when there is a major format change
  • <minor_version> : Increment this field when there is a minor change that breaks backward compatibility for an existing field or a field is removed.
  • <patch_version> : Increment this field when a minor format change that just adds information that an application can safely ignore.


Represents all of the external jars that have been resolved by pants. The value for libraries is represented by a dictionary as follows:

{ <jar_coordinate> : { <conf_name> : <jar_file> } }

  • <jar_coordinate> : key representing this jar. Usually <org>:<name>:<rev>
  • <conf_name> : Ivy conf this jar was resolved for. Usually one of default, sources, or javadoc
  • <jar_file> : Path to the resolved jar file.


The targets field contains all of the targets exported from pants BUILD file definitions. The value for targets is represented by a dictionary of target specs mapped to a dictionary of the fields defined in the target:

{ <target_spec> : <target_field_mapping> }

  • <target_spec> : "<path_to_build_file>:<target_name>"
  • <target_field_mapping> : Dictionary of target fields (TBD)

Example export output

The following is an abbreviated export file from a command in the pants repo:

    "version": "1.0.4",
    "libraries": {
        "commons-logging:commons-logging:1.1.1": {
            "default": "/Users/user/.ivy2/pants/commons-logging/commons-logging/jars/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar"
        "commons-codec:commons-codec:1.6": {
            "default": "/Users/user/.ivy2/pants/commons-codec/commons-codec/jars/commons-codec-1.6.jar"
        "org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:4.2.5": {
            "default": "/Users/user/.ivy2/pants/org.apache.httpcomponents/httpclient/jars/httpclient-4.2.5.jar"
    # distributions settings provided as an example from another repo
    "distributions": {
        "darwin": [
        "linux": [
   "jvm_platforms": {
        "platforms": {
            "java8": {
                "source_level": "1.8",
                "args": [],
                "target_level": "1.8"
        "default_platform": "java8"
    "python_setup": {
        "interpreters": {
            "CPython-2.7.10": {
                "binary": "/Users/user/pants/build-support/pants_dev_deps.py27.venv/bin/python2.7",
                "chroot": "/Users/user/pants/.pants.d/python-setup/chroots/e8da2c200f36ca0a1b8a60c12590a59209250b1a"
        "default_interpreter": "CPython-2.7.10"
    "scala_platform": {
        "scala_version": "2.12",
        "compiler_classpath": [
    "targets": {
        "examples/tests/java/org/pantsbuild/example/usethrift:usethrift": {
            "is_code_gen": false,
            "excludes": [],
            "target_type": "TEST",
            "libraries": [
            "platform": "java8",
            "pants_target_type": "junit_tests",
            "globs": {
                "globs": [
            "targets": [
            "roots": [
                    "source_root": "/Users/user/pants/examples/tests/java/org/pantsbuild/example/usethrift",
                    "package_prefix": "org.pantsbuild.example.usethrift"
        "examples/src/python/example/hello/greet:greet": {
            "is_code_gen": false,
            "python_interpreter": "CPython-2.7.10",
            "target_type": "SOURCE",
            "libraries": [],
            "pants_target_type": "python_library",
            "globs": {
                "globs": [
            "targets": [
            "roots": [
                    "source_root": "/Users/user/pants/examples/src/python/example/hello/greet",
                    "package_prefix": "example.hello.greet"


Export Format Changes


Added 'runtime_platform' to target.

Removed 'test_platform'.


Export only modulizable targets for export-dep-as-jar, and the rest of targets will appear as libraries.

Definition of modulizable_targets: 1. Conceptually: targets that should appear as modules in IntelliJ. 2. Computationally: dependees of target roots within the transitive context.

For example, A -> B -> C -> D Given ./pants export-dep-as-jar A,

modulizable_targets = [A]
libraries = [B,C,D]

Given ./pants export-dep-as-jar A C, modulizable_targets = [A, B, C] libraries = [D] In this case, B is forced into a module even though it is not a target root because IntelliJ does not allow a library to depend back onto a source module, i.e. B has to be a module to be able to depend on C.


Add --available-target-types option, which exports currently available target types. Same ones as the ones obtained by invoking pants targets task.


Add export-dep-as-jar task, which exports target roots as sources and dependencies as jars. The format remains the same.


The 'scala_platform' field is added to the top-level keys, containing the 'scala_version' string (without patch version, e.g. "2.12") and the 'compiler_classpath' jars (a list of absolute paths to jar files).


Coursier is added to be an option for the resolve path which ignores the confs for library sources and javadoc yet.


Added 'is_target_root' field to target


Conditionally added 'transitive' and 'scope' fields to target


Added 'test_platform' to target and 'preferred_jvm_distributions' section


Added 'is_synthetic' field to target


Added 'id' to target


If a target class is registered under multiple aliases returns the last one


Added information about jdk settings


Handle jars with classifiers


Information about excludes


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