Pants: A fast, scalable build system

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Pants is a build system designed for codebases that:

  • Are large and/or growing rapidly.
  • Consist of many subprojects that share a significant amount of code.
  • Have complex dependencies on third-party libraries.
  • Use a variety of languages, code generators and frameworks.

Pants supports Java, Scala, Python, C/C++, Go, Javascript/Node, Thrift, Protobuf and Android code. Adding support for other languages, frameworks and code generators is straightforward.

Pants is a collaborative open-source project, built and used by Twitter, Toolchain, Foursquare, Square, Medium and other companies.

If you are only using Python in your project, check out for documentation using the improved V2 implementation.

Getting Started


The Common Tasks documentation is a practical, solutions-oriented guide to some of the Pants tasks that you're most likely to carry out on a daily basis.

Pants Reference Documentation

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