Develop a Task to Publish "Extra" Artifacts

Pants supports "publish plugins", which allow end-users to add additional, arbitrary files to be published along with the primary artifact. For example, let's say that along with publishing your jar full of class files, you would also like to publish a companion file that contains some metadata -- code coverage info, source git repository, java version that created the jar, etc. To accomplish this, you'll first need to write a custom task, which creates any additional files (jar or otherwise) that you would like to publish. Next, you'll create a publish_extras section under [publish.jar] in pants.toml, and add a key for the new product type. Your custom task will create the extra file(s) that you want to publish, and write the path to the products map under the key that you have defined in pants.toml. The publishing code will loop over all keys found in pants.toml, and consult the product map. If pants finds a file for the current key, it will gather it up, and bundle it in with the rest of the files being published.

An example of a custom task is supplied in the examples/src/python/example/pants_publish_plugin directory. To use it, add the following to your pants.toml:

publish_extras = """
  'extra_test_jar_example': {
    'override_name': '{target_provides_name}-extra_example',
    'classifier': 'classy',
    'extension': 'jar',

backend_packages = [

In the above configuration example, the string 'extra_test_jar_example' is a key into the product map. In this case, the example task will add additional files for publishing to the product map under this key. And will examine the product map, looking for all keys defined here, and publishing any additional files found.

Constructing a name for your extra artifact:

By default, pants uses the following scheme when publishing artifacts:


The pants plugin publishing system allows a customization of the artifact identifier, classifier, and file extension. To customize the name of your extra object, you can supply some extra parameters in the pants.toml file:

  • override_name -- allows customization of the name (artifactId) of the additional file published. Specifying a string will completely override the name, or include '{target_provides_name}' to tack an addition on to the pre-existing artifact name. Defaults to the pre-existing artifact name.
  • classifier -- the maven classifier. Can be any arbitrary string, or leave this unspecified for nothing.
  • extension -- the filename extension. Defaults to "jar".

Note: You must supply a non-default value for at least one of the above parameters, otherwise your extra publish artifact won't have a unique name. With the above config in your pants.toml, invoke pants like this, to do a test publish:

WRAPPER_SRCPATH=examples/src/python ./pants publish.jar --no-dryrun --local=~/tmp \

Now if you examine the /tmp directory, you'll notice that an extra jar has been published for the greet target:

$ ls -1 /tmp/org/pantsbuild/example/hello-greet/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/|grep example

This example task should provide a rough starting guide, and can be tailored to suit a more specific situation.

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