How To Ask

Sometimes you have a question about Pants' behavior. Sometimes you want to report a Pants bug. You want to tell other people about something strange that Pants is doing. Since those people can't look over your shoulder, you must provide details about your environment and Pants' behavior.

  • What command[s] did you enter?
  • What was the output?
  • What output did you expect instead?
  • If you are on the pantsbuild/pants git repo, what is your branch and sha? Please report the output of these commands:

    $ git branch
    $ git log -1
  • If you're on your own branch, push it to origin so that other people can see it and perhaps try to reproduce the behavior. (If you're using pantsbuild/pants itself and don't have permission to push to that repo, you might need to clone the repo first.) Please report the branch's location, as shown by the output of these commands (where myusername_myproblem is a branch name you choose):

    $ git push origin myusername_myproblem
    $ git remote -v | grep origin

Post this information as a new thread on the pants-devel Google Group

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