Authenticate to a Server


Some Pants operations talk to remote servers. Examples include uploading build stats, querying remote caches and resolving external dependencies. But in some cases these servers may only allow access to authenticated users.


Currently Pants only supports HTTP basic auth. How you use this depends on what the server expects:

If the endpoints you're accessing (e.g., the build stats upload endpoint or the remote cache query endpoint) accept HTTP basic auth credentials directly, you only need add those creds to a .netrc entry for that server.

However, in many cases the server expects you to provide credentials to an authentication endpoint, in exchange for a session id, and then provide that session id in subsequent requests to the other endpoints.

In the latter case, you can perform that authentication using the login goal, and specifying the provider you're authenticating against with the --to option:

$ ./pants login --to=myauthprovider

This submits credentials from .netrc to the provider's authentication endpoint using HTTP basic auth, and stores all returned cookies (which, presumably, include the session id), for future use with the other endpoints.

In the future, the login goal will optionally prompt for a username and password, allowing you to bypass .netrc altogether.

Required Configuration

The named provider must be configured. E.g., in pants.toml you'd have:

providers = """
  'myauthprovider': {
    'url': ''
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