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Here are a few of the organizations and projects that use Pants in their development workflow.


Open Source Projects


"Scala compilation is notoriously slow, making build times prohibitively long at scale. Pants' fine-grained dependency management and robust shared build cache helped us shrink build times and increase productivity despite the fast growth of our codebase. Its modularity and extensibility made it easy for us to add custom build steps, such as code generation, and to reason programmatically about dependencies. Pants has proven to be a core part of a powerful toolchain that has scaled up well with our codebase." -- Benjy Weinberger, Foursquare

"At Square, we have a large git repo with hundreds of projects. We build and ship from a master branch that gets hundreds of commits daily. Pants gives our developers a faster and more reliable incremental build experience than Maven in this environment.

One particular problem our users faced was integrating with IntelliJ. Previously, developers were stuck waiting long times for Maven to refresh the IDE configuration, or had to install binary versions of projects which quickly go out of date. Both the pants plugin for IntelliJ and the idea goal make it easy for users to switch between git branches and different projects within the repo freely without worrying about taking a productivity hit to reconfigure their IDE." -- Eric Ayers, Square

"I'm super happy with pants, it's now powering almost all our java, scala and python builds, along with a few go and node projects" -- Arni Hermann, QuizUp

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